7-step Sales Process: Consumer needs sellers and sellers need consumers

Secrets of sales

One of our main teachings as mentors is that one of the most important concept in sales is that one does not go to the customers to sell, one goes to the customers to get them buy from you. Yes, you read it right. Now read that again.

The customer NEEDS the seller as much as the seller NEEDS the customer. And by the way, the customer is not always right. Instead of focusing on people pleasing, the wise business owner focuses on providing solutions to customers and learns how to listen.
What is Sales?

Selling is creating customer desire for purchasing your products or services. .
Since the beginning of time, customers have gone through a significant evolution and transformation, but the people selling to them have not. Buying and selling has always been essential for human survival and yes, there is an evolution of the sales model, but the fact is that if there is no buyer, there is no seller.

Our article is not meant to teach you how to buy better, but to how to sell better.
Selling better means being efficient, not just being effective, because we must exchange merchandise for money quickly. Being effective is doing things right and being efficient is doing things right, on time.
It´s not enough to find customers, you also have to keep them.
By following these steps, you will learn how to sell more and better, in a timely manner.

We assume that you are already selling, so we will help you improve your technique. The best learning is practice.

Sales techniques:

1. Anticipate and handle objections with confidence

Prepare yourself to receive objections.
An objection does not mean ‘I don’t want it’, it often means ‘Explain more and further’.
You must know very well what you are selling in order to explain more, handling and focusing on the buyer’s objection.
Take your time, the buyer is not going to escape. It is better to develop the explanation of your product very well, focusing on what they are objecting to.
No more and no less.
There are foreseeable situations in which buyers may object to your offer. You must have all the explanation ready to anticipate objections.

2. Arm yourself with patience

Arming yourself with patience is fundamental. An impatient sale is lost. Anxiety KILLS sales! In addition, anxiety is contagious. If you pass on anxiety to the customer, the sales process will be endless and remember that there are other customers you should also pay attention to.

3. Compliment your prospects

Whether it’s an industry, a store, a service or a professional, you must research the person who is buying from you. In negotiations and remember that sales is also a negotiation, one must know more about the other than the other about one.
Do research on your customers. Focus on exploring their attitudes, needs, motivations and behavior as they relate to your business. This ultimately helps you better identify, understand, analyze and retain your customers.

4. Save time, because every second counts

The customer is busy and if you do not leverage every moment to explain the advantages of your product, no matter how good it is, as time goes by, the interest of your interlocutor will decline and you will miss a valuable opportunity.

5. Be attentive to your customer’s body and facial language

Body Language Speaks Louder Than Words

Studies show that your words account for only 7% of the message you convey. The remaining 93% is non-verbal. 55% of communication is based on what people see and the other 38% is transmitted through tone of voice. So think about it. In the business setting, people can see what you are not saying. If your body language doesn’t match your words, you are wasting your time.
It is more important to read the client, from your observation and experience, than to listen to endless insubstantial talks. You will know when to cut, get up and leave.
6. Never argue with a customer
Exchange reasoning, ideas, thoughts, but don’t contradict.
Any tension will take you out of focus or distract you.


7. Pay attention to details

If you go to your customer’s office, you might notice family and professional photographs, diplomas, trophies, etc. Direct your attention to any object, pick only one and talk about it.
Ask him about his/her hobby, family or profession. He/She will feel understood and this will facilitate your sales process.
These techniques derive from our own experience and the experience of hundreds of mentoring clients who have used them, obtaining important achievements.

Be a successful seller yourself!
Remember: Practice make perfect. Insist, insist a lot through trial and error.
Insistence is cumulative and after a series of NO, you get a series of YES.

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