Do You Have What it Takes to Succeed as an Entrepreneur?

Being an entrepreneur has become the trendiest thing to do or the necessity of our century and it would seem that to become one, you need manuals, instructions, examples.
The fact is that those who emigrated to another country in search of a better tomorrow were also entrepreneurs.
Entrepreneurs were the gold diggers, the medieval shoemakers, the inventors who understood what people needed and articulated it with their craft.
Entrepreneur was also the one who “invented” the fan: a small engine with ostrich feathers first and with blades later.
What did entrepreneurs have in common back in the days? They were needs readers, they understood what people needed, from basic to sophisticated.
Why become an Entrepreneur?

It normally starts with the ambition to fill the gap, eat, dress, give sustenance to the family, create added value, to be able to live from work, from inventiveness and creativity and from the subsequent effort of growth. All combined with enthusiasm, frustration tolerance and the virtue of patience. You cannot learn this from books, nor in school, it’s a trial-and-error type of learning.
Another fundamental aspect is the discontent to work for others, for dependency and the need to be the architect of his/her own destiny.
There were those who had wealthy parents who allowed them to undertake new proposals, knowing that if it did not work, they were protected enough to start over.
Others were motivated by the inner urge or inclination to accomplish something important and unique, adding purpose and meaning to their professional lives..
Not only young people come to our practice, there are plenty middle-aged clients who consult us, people who have already enjoyed economic and social achievements in their different professions, industries, shops or services. However, despite this, they live in a state of balance that ends, paradoxically, causing a lot of anguish and anxiety, and leaving unanswered questions that turn into obsessions and feeling of emptiness, which they often try to fill with symptoms and diseases.
Here, too, the presence of a Mentor becomes fundamental. At first sight, our clients have everything they ever wanted in terms of comfort. However, they are invaded by feelings of emptiness and lack of purpose.
It is essential at this time to resume the ability to be excited, to get enthusiastic, to look for a new project, without giving up on anything that already works, which must remain stable.
Sometimes we get caught up in life: work, family, etc. but we should never forget that we have to learn to live, not to survive.
Knowing when to ask for help and understanding why you need it is fundamental and this is also a Mentoring function: lending an ear.
From Barcelona, August 2021
Mentor Celina Tuturman
Mentor Ernesto Beibe
Whatsapp +34 683 468 837 / +34 638 741 510

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