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Our Beginnings

Mentoring Empresario was founded in the ’80s due to an imperative need of
SME Entrepreneurs and Multinational Business Executives, to receive support,
guidance, advice and implementation of strategies and to deliver added value.
We take into account that behind every business there is a human being with
feelings, needs, personality, family environment and talent and that at the
moment of the foundation, the company is a projection of all these aspects.
At the time, there was a need of professionals with knowledge that went beyond
the numbers and that could attend to both human and business needs.

About us

Due to the flexibility of the multidisciplinary approach of Mentoring Empresario,
we were able to retain a growing clientele, to the point that there are clients that
we have been accompanying in their development and permanent changes, for
more than two decades and that continue to grow with our collaboration.

Almost a decade ago, Celina Tuturman joined the staff, and today she is an
active partner of Mentoring Empresario, with a leading role in our development,
through her knowledge, enthusiasm and charisma. She opened the Anglo-
Saxon Market, which has not only improved our services, but also helped to
change the paradigms of our company


We are dedicated to helping our consultants solve their toughest challenges
and realize their greatest ambitions.

Our method

The Mentoring Empresario methodology involves solving manifest or hidden
conflict situations as we approach each client's difficulty as a unique and
particular case.

We managed to bring entrepreneurs to the new paradigm of balance between
the success of the company and good coexistence among its members.
We seek that our clients achieve their objectives by understanding who they
are, how they got to where they are, what hinders them from moving forward
and achieving what they seek in the different areas of their lives.

Future events

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Latest news and interviews


Ernesto Beibe initially founded Mentoring Empresario as a company dedicated
Family businesses and later,

started working with
clients with other types of difficulties.
We have a team of Mentors
in Europe and Latin America,
supervised by us.
Thanks to technology and our
frequent trips, we also attend
clients in Argentina, Peru, Ecuador,
Colombia and the United States

Our collaborations

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