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We recognize that our individual clients experience complex life and
professional challenges which potentially impact across every aspect of their
lives. Our clients are looking to improve their well-being, professionally or

We provide both individual and group mentoring, training and business strategy
They can be difficulties in the professional, family or personal sphere in terms of

A pioneer of the Mentoring Empresario concept, Ernesto Beibe is a
professional who condenses many currents into a single method that impacts
and stimulates change.

We intervene in family businesses and we are capable of unlocking conflicts
between family members. Many of our cases relate to successful professionals
who want to become independent, but do not succeed, or entrepreneurs who
reach the professional peak in their 40s or 50s but are emotionally destabilized.

Supervision is very important as it provides experience, oversight, brings new
ideas, a fresh perspective and also checks that you are on the right path as a
Supervision is designed to give you support in your role as a coach, mentor,
psychologist or consultant. The focus is on the continuous growth and
development as a professional.

For companies or professionals
We give conferences of any format and on whatever topic that affects you’re
your team or business. A Mentor provides understanding even in the most
difficult contexts, providing the audience with a new perspective

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The reasons for consultation in the human development area are related to the
moments in which crisis situations arise: how to end procrastination, how to
determine priorities, how to manage time and be more efficient, how to set
short-term and long-term goals, how to be more productive, how to learn to say

Human development coaching targets individuals seeking to optimize their
personal effectiveness, motivation, communication, work-life balance, emotional
and stress management, and a variety of other personal goals for a successful

Our training is linked to the Evaluation for labor competencies. There are
people who occupy key positions in a Company, be it in Sales, Purchasing,
Administration, Logistics, Personnel. They usually have previous work
experience or are self-taught. It is about finding (with the Company Managers),
the appropriate training to the labor competence regarding their Role, Function
and Tasks, adapted to the needs of the Company where they are currently

Personnel Training is part of the disciplines of education-learning that we call
“teaching” (teaching and learning).

It is a training and educational activity based on the real needs of a company,
which is oriented towards an evolutionary change in the knowledge, skills and
attitudes of the personnel.

The training is cumulative and impactful as it happens at a conscious and
subconscious level and thus the change is sustainable.

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