Global Congress Mentors

I’m very pleased to be a part of the first global congress of @rgmentores , for the English speaking people

Don’t miss this opportunity to Learn From the Experts: @eileen.silverberg , @linabetancurzen , @olicoach , @aichabascaro

This video features international mentor experts Lina Betancur, Eileen Silverberg, Aicha Bascaro and Oliver Gonzalez and will help you learn tips and best practices that worked for them and their clients.

🔗 To watch the full video, click on the link below, on October 9th:

In the midst of change and uncertainty, prioritizing mental health is vital.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.”  -Maya Angelou.

📺 Watch this video and learn more about :
-how to build better mental health
-how Mentoring helps in times of uncertainty
-why it’s good to ask for help
-ways to develop a Growth Mindset

Thank you for watching and remember:

Never stop trying and never stop learning!

🇪🇸 La @rgmentores ha decidido celebrar durante el mes de OCTUBRE, el “MES DE LA MENTORIA”.

📺 El dia 9 de octubre puedes ver mi actividad : La Importancia del Mentoring en tiempos de incertidumbre, donde conversamos junto a mentores expertos Lina Betancur, Eileen Silverberg, Aicha Bascaro y Oliver Gonzalez, acerca de como lidiar con la incertidumbre, como crecer en tiempos de crisis, la importancia de pedir ayuda, etc.

🔗 Acceda con el botón aquí abajo, el mismo día 9 de octubre:

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